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*Details subject to Change
*Available for Teachers* Workshops teaching you how to teach these workshops are available, choose "Teach How To Teach" option in Workshop Type. Educational Kits for many of the workshops are available. Additional topics may be suggested and able to be provided.
*Available for Individuals* Workshops are available to be scheduled for individuals to join with enough requests. Choose "Request Scheduled" in Workshop Type on form. Workshops already scheduled will be list here at the top with next date

Popsicle Stick Structures

Spaghetti and Marshmallow Competition


Pipe Cleaner Animals

Mandala Colouring

String FIgures

LEGO Spaceship Competition

Jacob's Ladder

Photgraphy Light Box

3D Sketching

3D Paper Craft Fruits


Keyboard Repurposing

CD case into a puzzle case,

CD looms weaving


Rube Goldberg Machine


Internet of Things (IOT)

Robotics Intro and using VEX IQ


Other Events and Workshops

Maker Meetups

Surrey City Centre Library

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Other Events and Workshops

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