What is a makerspace?

Maker Space is a collaborative movement that functions as a center for community learning and knowledge sharing in the form of workshops, presentations and lectures. Our Maker cube offers learning and sharing within a centralized idea of making something with your mind hands and others in your community. Spaces such as these offer and integrate tools and knowledge as resources that are readily available.

How can I become a member?

You can check out the different memberships under the membership section, we also suggest coming by here first during our open hours

I'm not available on the open day, when can I stop by?

Just send us an email to makercubesurrey@gmail.com or text 604-754-8882 to and we will let you know when else someone will be there or if someone is currently there

Do I have to have any experience or my own project to join?

No you don't, we can help you as you begin learning things, lend you parts, give you project ideas, or you can join current project. If you are looking to improve skills first we encourage you to come out to our Maker Meetups every Friday at 630PM in the Surrey City Centre Library

Do I have to be a member or pay to check out the space?

Nope, feel free to come by and see what we have for free, and try a few of the things out

I only want to come by a couple times this month. Do I have to pay the whole drop-in membership price?

Nope, you can pay our $5 single day rate

Can I bring children to the space

Yes, but they must be supervised, or part pf one of our Youth Programs

Do you have a toilet, microwave, and fridge?


If I visit for the first time is there anything I can do to start making right away?

Yes, we have a few things you can try out including electronics, crafts, and molding activities, or join one of our workshops!

The location seems sketchy, is it safe?

Yes, the police station is right across the street and there are 3 sets of gates able to be closed from the inside during late hours