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Monthly Maker Design Challenge

Aug 15th – Oct 15th

August Design Challenge: Cooking Creations

Each month has a different theme that encourages makers to step out of their comfort zone, explore new skills, gain confidence as a maker, and ignite a spark of inspiration.

The theme for this challenge is “Cooking Creations”, make something that can be used in the kitchen or enhance your cooking experience. The project must be something that can store, prep, cook, or serve food or beverages.

It must be complete by the submission deadline and be considered a complete set.

This challenge is open to all present and PAST members so be sure to register!

How it works

Deadline to register: August 15th

Projects submitted by: September 15th

Makers of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. This is an opportunity to stretch your skills, expand your creative limits, and help you grow as a maker.


All entries will be scored across 5 criteria:

  • Skills Learned
  • Craftsmanship
  • Creativity/Uniqueness
  • Completed Set
  • Challenge Theme


The winner will receive:


*Shop credit can be used on any material or consumables sold at Maker Cube

Submit your project


Voting opens October 16th. Submissions will be posted here for voting.


Send us your questions!