Free 3D Modelling for Beginners

Ever wanted to learn 3D modelling? Daunted by the steep learning curve and don’t know where to start? Come join us for a free casual workshop on and get started with 3D modelling! Learn the basics of some free, but powerful programs you can use at home. Rewire your brain to think in 3D and unlock the tools to be a creator!

Find us in the Maker Cube Computer Lab, Sunday at 1pm! (please sign in at reception)
If you need a computer, please RSVP as we have limited seats.



Do I need to bring anything?
Nope! We’ve got the computers and software to get you started, however, you are welcome to bring your own laptop. Having some paper and pencils for sketching ideas can be handy to show others what you might like to draw.

What software are you using?
Onshape and Blender3D. Both are very powerful programs but approach modelling in two different ways for different applications. Onshape is great for the engineering approach for designing parts, gears, and other machine-like objects. Blender3D is an artist’s tool, great for those who want to get into animation, photo-realism and games. It’s perfect for complex shapes like organic objects, people, and sculptures.

Do I need to pay anything?
Not at all! This is a free workshop! We aim for a casual environment where people can openly share knowledge and ideas. There’s no structure other than your desire to learn. With free software and access to a wealth of knowledge, everyone should have the opportunity to be a creator.

Is there an age limit for this workshop?
We encourage anyone and everyone to participate, especially youth. However, we highly recommend that younger children should have some basic computer competency to be able to use the software. We also ask that children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

I already have some experience with modelling, can I still come?
Absolutely! We’d love to have you join us! Share your projects, find inspiration, exchange tips and techniques.


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