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Do you have a drop-in/hourly rate? Can I use the facility for just one or a couple days?

We do not provide drop-in services. The facilities and tools are member-access only for liability and insurance purposes. All users must take our Intro to Woodworking course for general shop safety clearance regardless of previous experience or what parts of the facility you may/may not use. Please see our Policies and Proceedures for additional details. For those who may only use the shop infrequently, please check out the Tinkerer tier which allows monthly access and pay-as-you-go options for shop usage.
If you just need something quick made, you can submit a request on our Fabrication Services page.

Do you have XYZ tool?

Please refer to our Tools page for an up to date list of all available tools.

What’s the youngest age someone can use your facility?

The minimum age to use the facility is 8 in our supervised youth camps. For regular classes the minimum age is 14 with a parent/gaurdian supervising. We highly encourage parents and youth to work and learn together on projects. Minors can participate with their parent/gaurdian in a class at no additional cost provided they are working with the same project materials.

Do I have to be a member to take classes?

Not at all! Our classes are open to anyone in the public, we hope you will drop by to learn something new and expand your creative horizons!

What are shop passes?

Shop passes are limited access passes provided for Tinkerer and Maker tier members. They are valid for one session in the woodshop/metalshop/paint room areas up to 4 hours. Tinkerer members receive one pass per month, Maker members receive two passes, and additional passes can be purchased at $50/pass or $80/day. Other communal spaces such as the 3D printing lab, ceramics studio, and flex area are unlimited access. If you are on the Creator tier you have unlimited access.
Shop passes do not accumlate/roll over to the next month and are non-transferrable.

I have XYZ certificate and # years of experience, do I have to take the classes?

Yes. An important part of everyone’s experience in making will be following practices and procedures that will prevent injuries to YOURSELF and OTHERS. Everyone at Maker Cube must have a good attitude toward safety. This means that everyone must have a strong feeling towards the importance of safety and is willing to give time and attention to the safest way to perform work. Experience with tools does not equal good shop safety. Many accidents occur to beginners but also with experienced workers that feel more comfortable in the shop and therefore become more casual in their approach to safety guidelines.
Starting work in any new environment requires a safety orientation so users can be familiar and safe with the equipment within.

Do you have other locations?

No. We are privately owned and operated here in Langley. “Makerspaces” is a colloqial term for many other similar facilities, most of which are small community collectives and clubs.