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Makers at Maker Cube Can Access

Our Tools & Labs

*Safety and Training Orientations are Required For Complete Access to All Advanced Tools*

Do you find it difficult to focus with distractions at home or feel anxious working by yourself? Have you made a trip to the hardware store in hopes of finding a tool you need to finish your project, but learn that it’s not available or too expensive?

Maker Cube provides you with a safe, spacious, well-equipped environment that allows you to freely express your creativity under the supervision of our well trained staff.

Get Access to Tools

The Everyday Basics

Your simple everyday needs

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– Cordless Hand Drills
– Clamps
– Chisels
– Hand saws
– Tape Measures
– Hammers
– Screw Drivers
– Files
– Pliers
– Vises
– Staplers
– Squares
– Levels

Wood & Composite

A Comprehensive Woodshop

Learn these tools now

– Two SawStop Cabinet Table Saws
– 4′ x 8′ Panel Saw
– 8″ Jointer
– 20″ Planer
– 36″ Drum Sander
– 14″ and 9″ Band Saw
– Two Jessem Router Tables with Lifts
– 4′ & 9′ Track with Plunge Cut Circular Saws
– Two Bosch Dual-Bevel Glide Mitre Saw
– 17″ Floor Drill Press
– Mortiser
– Jig Saw
– Bosch Orbital Sanders
– 6″Disc and Belt Sander
– Oscillating Spindle and Belt Sander
– Brad Nailer
– Pin Nailer
– Trim Routers
– Plunge Router
– Biscuit Joiner
– Palm Sander

– Automated Dust Collection

Metal Fabrication

Light and Heavy Duty Tools

Learn these tools now

– Lincoln Electric 210A Multi Process Welder (Stick, MIG, TIG)
– Lincoln Electric 200 TIG Square Wave Welder
– Thermal Dynamic Plasma Cutter
– 7″ x 12″ Horizontal Band Saw
– 12″ Metal Hand Shear
– 17″ Floor Drill Press
– 45 Ton Hydraulic Press
– 12″ Slip Roller
– 8″ Bench Grinder
– Polishing Wheel
– Angle Grinders
– Sand Blaster


Shaping and Firing

Learn these tools now

– Skutt KM-1227 Ceramic Kiln
– Nidec Variable Speed Potters Wheel
– North Star Slab Roller
– Clay Extruder
– Assorted bulk glazes
– Assorted detail and shaping tools

CNC Tools

Computer Numerical Control

Learn these tools now

– 4′ x 4′ Wood & Plastic CNC
– 4′ x 4′ Hypotherm Plasma CNC Cutter
– Gweike 36″ x 24″ Laser Cutter
– Anycubic Mono X Resin Printer
– ANET A8 FDM Printers
– Creality CR10 S5 FDM Printers
– Accurate CNC PCB Mill
– 24″ Vinyl Plotter


Design and Program

Learn these tools now

– Fusion 360
– Blender3D
– OnShape
– Arduino
– Inkscape
– Lasercut 5.3
– PlasmaCAM
– Mach3

Start Learning and Discover Your Passion

When looking at the many fabrication methods and tools available, it can often seem overwhelming or intimidating to someone who is just starting out their maker journey. You may find that you aren’t sure which method is the best fit for your needs.

Maker Cube walks you through every step of the learning and discovery process with its various hands-on workshops and classes. Each class is based on project-based learning where the goal is cultivate curiosity, a ‘maker’ mindset, and the capacity for complex problem solving.

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