How to Become a Maker at Maker Cube

Begin your maker journey with Maker Cube and make your dream project a reality.

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Explore the Space and Unleash Your Creativity

Every journey begins with a single step and your maker journey begins with a tour of our space.

By taking a tour, you will see the various tools and equipment available to makers at Make Cube. It will be an opportunity to explore the many ways you can make your dream project a reality. A tour will also provide you with a chance to connect with the Maker Cube team who will help you through every step of the way.

Start Learning and Discover Your Passion

When looking at fabrication methods and a wide variety of tools, it can feel overwhelming or intimidating to a novice maker. You may find that you aren’t sure which method is the best fit for your needs.

Maker Cube walks you through every step of the learning and discovery process with its various hands-on workshops and classes. Each class is based on project-based learning where the goal is to cultivate curiosity, a ‘maker’ mindset, and the capacity for complex problem solving.

Start Your Project and Join the Community

The final step to becoming a maker at Maker Cube is to start your project and connect with the other makers that embody this innovative community.

Every project first needs a plan, Maker Cube offers mentor-ship and professional consultations to help you get started and make sure that you’re going in the right direction.

Member Rates



  • Access to Maker Cube during business hours (12-9pm weekdays, 10am-6pm weekends)*
  • Access to communal workshop and equipment**
  • Discount on all orientations

*All members are required to pay a $20 deposit for their key fob, which will be refunded when membership expires and fob is returned
**Members are required to take tool/workshop orientations at an additional cost prior to usage


  • $5 or more – Overnight storage (based on sqft occupied)
  • $60/mo – Extended hours access (7am – 9pm Daily including holidays) – Must have a studio space, Criminal Record Check, and wait a probational period.

Start Your Journey Now

Your maker journey begins with a tour.

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