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Unleash Your Creativity

Maker Cube is a community-based workshop for makers of all backgrounds to design and create.


Make it at Maker Cube

Get access to the tools and build the skills to confidently make your dream project into a reality


Start Small, Think Big

Your own personal workspace for your next big project


Learn. Make. Share.

Maker Cube is Langley’s most exciting and innovative community workshop. From our comprehensive selection of tools and workspaces; to our custom fabrication business and diverse educational programming – it all comes back to one thing: We are the destination for hobbyists, the curious, and seasoned professionals alike to learn, explore and unleash their creativity.

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About Us

Maker Cube is a community-based workshop and co-working space where makers of all backgrounds and experience levels can connect. By providing access to an unprecedented range of traditional and modern fabrication tools, Maker Cube is the ideal space for creators to work on any project. It offers workshops and classes in various disciplines, such as woodworking, welding, 3D printing, and electronics, to give its members the knowledge and skills they need to bring their ideas to life. Maker Cube also provides a low-risk way for artisans, producers, and entrepreneurs to have their own studio space and jumpstart their business.

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Empower Yourself Through Education

Hands-On Classes

Maker Cube’s classes are for all skill levels. We approach curriculum through project-based learning and small class sizes, where the ultimate goal is to cultivate curiosity, a ‘maker’ mindset, and the capacity for complex problem-solving.

Classes are open to the public, please call us if you have questions!

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