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3. Membership Policy

3.1 General #

Members are expected to follow all Maker Cube policies. Policies are in place to ensure that all members, staff and volunteers are respected and able to conduct their work effectively in a safe environment. Violations to any of Maker Cube’s policies may result in refusal of service or membership termination.  

3.1.1 – All members MUST abide by the Code of Conduct.

3.1.2 – All members must follow all directions of the Maker Cube staff.

3.1.3 – All members must participate in the Intro to Woodworking orientation class for general safety regardless of previous experience prior to using any part of the facilities

3.1.4 – Maker Cube contains tools that can cause serious bodily harm up to and including death. All actions are taken at your own risk.

3.1.5 – Members or users may be harmed by the negligence of other people. In such cases, members or users agree to hold Maker Cube harmless.

3.1.6 – Members must label their own tools and materials, all the tools and materials stored at Maker Cube are at your own risk. Maker Cube takes no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen property.

3.1.7 – Members can store their own materials and tools in their studio space or Cubee, if a member does not have a studio or Cubee they must bring all their own materials and tools home with them before closing.

3.1.8 – Members are responsible for removing their personal items and project materials from the premises every day. Members are subject to fines for storing material and tools or leaving waste at Maker Cube. See Section 5 – Storage Policies for additional details.

3.1.9 – Inactivity and lack of physical presence at the Facilities can be detrimental to our mission and prevent others from using the space. Please inform staff of any extended absences or extenuating circumstances that might prevent regular attendance. Otherwise, we expect members to make regular use of our Facilities.

3.1.10 – Members with payments that are more than 30 days overdue will have their membership cancelled. Any items, personal effects, or projects will be confiscated, recycled, or dumped and additional fees will be charged back to the owner.

3.2 Tinkerer & Maker Memberships #

3.2.1 – Base membership and any additional monthly add-on services will be billed monthly through Pre-Authorized Credit or Debit on the 1st of each month.

3.2.2 – Pay-Per-Use services must be paid at the beginning of the members visit prior to using facilities.

3.2.3 – Usage time in the shop will be metered by Maker Cube at its discretion and charged at the posted rates.

3.2.4 – CNC machine usage time will be metered and billed independently from facility usage time.

3.2.5 – Every session includes a 15 minute grace period before and after for set up and clean up.

3.2.6 – Tinkerer & Maker Membership holders are not eligible for class discounts or extended hours access. Tinkerer Membership holders also are not eligible to licence a studio.

3.3 Unauthorized Use of Maker Cube’s  Facilities and Equipment #

3.3.1 – No person shall use the facility or equipment of Maker Cube, or enter or remain on any premises, to which he or she does not have legitimate access, or contrary to the expressed instructions of authorized persons.

3.3.2 – No person with facility access will allow access to unauthorized persons.  

3.3.3 – Only members with extended hours access are permitted to enter the building outside of regular business hours.

3.3.4 – Unauthorized tool usage will result in immediate membership termination. 

3.4 Minors’ Use of the Facilities #

Minors are allowed to use the Facilities, and we encourage families working together. The following additional policies and procedures apply to minors’ use of and presence in the Facilities:

3.4.1 – Children under the age of 8 are not permitted in the facility.

3.4.2 – Individuals between the age of 8 and 16 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent/guardian at all times. Staff will not supervise minors. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the minor is acting safely in accordance with these policies and procedures and is wearing proper safety equipment at all times.

3.4.3 – For individuals aged 16-18, the Company may, at its discretion, require supervision of a parent/guardian.

3.4.4 – Use of certain areas of the Facilities and Equipment may, at the discretion of the Company, be restricted for minors or individuals under a specified age.

3.4.5 – Minors may not access the Facilities during unstaffed hours.

3.5 Additional Fees #

3.5.1 – Additional Services # – Class Rebooking Fee – 50% of the cost of the regular price of the class (discounts not applicable) – Storage Fee – Overnight storage fee for materials, equipment, or waste will be charged by the floorspace area occupied to a maximum of 32 square feet: – $5/Night for areas 8 square feet or smaller -$20/Night for areas larger than 8 square feet -Items requiring larger than 32 square feet must be discussed with staff – Additional CNC Time – $60/hr of booked time after the included limit as per member agreement in minimum 15 min intervals (see Section 8.7.3) – Private Kiln Firing – Full Kiln: $80/firing, Half Kiln: $40/firing – Excess Utility Fees – The Company may charge an excessive utility usage fee, as determined in the Company’s sole discretion on a case by case basis. Electricity is currently metered at $0.16 per kwh. – Cubee Storage Shelf – $65/mo and $30 deposit. Designated storage space located in the woodshop. – Clean Room Usage – Outside of, but not limited to, Wiping, Rolling, Brushing, Air brushing, and Aerosol – $20/hour for any activities applying chemicals or paints that would either occupy the majority of the space or produce a high volume of particulates/volatiles. – Drum Sander Usage – $25/30 min with staff assistance. – Tinkerer & Maker Membership Add-On Sessions – Additional Hour on a session – $20 – Half-Day Session up to 4 hours – $50 – Full-Day Session – $80

3.5.2 – Facility, Tools and Equipment Damage Fees All Damage Fees will be due and payable by the Member immediately after any incident The Member acknowledges and understands that Damage Fees will always be subject to change, and the current Damage Fees include but are not limited to: # – Triggering the (SawStop) table saw brake – $250 fee (cost of parts and labor to replace). – Broken/Damaged Bandsaw Blade – The greater of $80 or the cost of parts and labor to replace. – Failure to turn on Support Systems – The greater of $100 or the cost of parts and labor to replace. – Bit or Blade damage/breakage – The greater of $40 or the cost of the replacement. – Foreign materials in tools – $10 per individual piece of foreign material (nail head, metals, screws, rock, etc) that enters wood tools. Bit or Blade damage fee may also apply in addition to this after tool damage is assessed. – Functional Damage – Cost of parts and labor to replace. Damage that affects the performance or safety of the tool/part. This includes warping, scratches, or nicks that negatively impacts the tolerance/accuracy of the equipment.

3.5.3. – Fines # – Failure to report tool damage – $80 fine. If you know a tool is damaged and don’t report it you are putting the next user in danger. – Unauthorized door usage – $40 first offense, minimum 3 days suspension of membership on second offense. – Replacement Fob or Key – $20 for fob, $50 for Gate Key. Lost or Damaged fobs/keys must be reported immediately. – Failure to set alarm – $300 first offense, termination of membership on second offense. – Cleaning Fees – $200 will be charged at the end of the agreement if personal items or materials are left in the facility. – Staining or Damaging Surfaces in the Clean Room – $50 fine per surface damaged. – Breach of Policies – $40 per offense.