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4. Studio Policy

4.1 Studio Spaces #

Members may license studio spaces at Maker Cube and MUST follow these additional policies. Violations to any of Maker Cubes’s policies will result in refusal of service/membership termination. 

4.1.1 – Spaces are available on a first-come, first serve basis; there are no waiting lists and studios can not be reserved without a half-month deposit. 

4.1.2 – A studio space can be reserved up to a maximum of 30 days from the date of the deposit.

4.1.3 – A Member must have a current membership to have a studio.

4.1.4 – A Member who rents a space 50 square feet or greater may gain extended hours access but only upon approval from Maker Cube staff and with a cleared RCMP criminal record check provided by the Member. 

4.1.5 – Studios must never be used as a Member’s primary residence. 

4.1.6 – Studio owners can not change the original framed structure of their studio. This includes but is not limited to: – Adding or removing walls – Increasing the wall height – Adding a door – Adding a roof or storage shelf above the original wall height – Obstructing the top of the studio in a way that would block fire suppression sprinklers

4.1.7 – No studio member’s items can be stored outside of the studio space.

4.1.8 – Maker Cube is not responsible for any theft or damage to property.

4.1.9 – Maker Cube reserves the right to relocate studios to an equivalently sized space for any reason.

4.1.10 – Maker Cube reserves the right to cancel studio privileges for any reason.

4.1.11 – Members are expected to keep their studio clean and organized. Studios must be accessible by staff in the event of emergencies. There must be a 36” entrance and clear walkway inside.

4.1.12 – No persons are permitted inside a studio unless granted permission by the Member licencing that studio.

4.1.13 – Members using studio spaces are to be considerate of their noise level at all times. 

4.1.14 – Studio side and flex area does not allow for any activities that create nuisance noise and  more than a minor amount of dust. 

4.1.15 – Studio spaces must be returned to their original condition at the time they are vacated. If not returned to their original condition Maker Cube reserves the right to withhold the deposit on the space as a cleaning fee.

4.1.16 – Members can cancel their studio license 30 days prior to their next bill date by sending an email to [email protected]

4.2 Affiliates  #

4.2.1 – Members with studio licenses are eligible to pay a discounted rate for another member who wishes to use their space as an affiliate. A Member can have no more than one studio affiliate per 50 square feet of studio space upon approval of Maker Cube.

4.2.2 – A Member who has an Affiliate discount has no special privileges other than access to their sponsored Member’s studio space and subject to all Policies and Procedures set out by Maker Cube.

4.2.3 – All activities and charges of the Affiliate Member are the responsibility of the primary sponsoring Member.

4.2.4 – If the Member sponsoring the Affiliate Member falls out of good standing, the sponsored studio Affiliate membership will be immediately cancelled.