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5. Storage Policy

5.1 General Storage #

5.1.1 – Material, projects, and waste occupying communal work spaces overnight will be subject to the appropriate Overnight Storage Fee for the amount of space occupied and duration left.

5.1.2 – All projects stored must be labeled with your name, date/time and phone number. 

5.1.3 – All members must ask permission for storage before leaving something overnight. 

5.1.4 – Members must arrange short term storage with staff at reception(number of days storage is required and size of material/project). Projects are stored at your own risk. Maker Cube takes no responsibility for a Member’s lost, damaged or stolen property. Members are responsible for removing their personal items and large project materials from the premises. 

5.1.5 – Maker Cube reserves the right to move anything within its walls at any time for any reason.

5.1.6 – After three days, if storage is not paid for and registered with the front desk the project and/or material will be disposed of. The owner shall remain responsible for any charges and penalties incurred with storing and disposal of these materials.

5.2 Waste Stream and Recycling  #

5.2.1 – Members must remove their own waste

5.2.2 – All bottles and cans must be recycled in our large recycling bin in the Fine Arts room.

5.2.3 – All compost and food waste must be dumped in our garbage bin in the Fine Arts room. 

5.2.4 – Do not pour any chemicals, solvents, or oils down any of the drains. 

5.2.5 – Do not dispose of any chemical, paint, or solvent containers into the trash. Empty or Used paint and chemical containers must be taken to a recycling depot for proper disposal. Do not abandon or dump containers in the Facility.

5.3 Consumables #

5.3.1 – Members are responsible for supplying all their own consumables which includes but is not limited to: Glues, Sanding Paper, Angle Grinder Discs/Wheels, Blue Shop Towel, Disposable Masks, Ear Plugs, Gloves, Tape.

5.3.2 – Members can not use any materials that do not belong to them without asking and being granted permission.