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6. Security

Extensive security measures are in place for members, staff, and volunteers to feel safe while using the facility. Members are expected to develop a good attitude towards the security of  Maker Cube and follow our security policies. Violation of our security policies will result in immediate termination of membership. 

Notify a staff member if you see any suspicious individual(s) on the property. If no staff is available after hours call non emergency services at (604) 514-2870. Do not engage with suspicious individuals and do not hesitate to call 911 if you feel you are in danger. 

Facility Hours: Staffed hours for the Facility are 12pm to 9pm, Monday to Friday, and 10am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. Certain members may have access to the Facilities during unstaffed hours. Members using the Facilities during unstaffed hours assume all risks associated with using the Facilities and Equipment alone without the aid and presence of Company staff on the premises.

6.1 Access Fobs and Keys #

6.1.1 – ALL Maker Cube members must have a security fob in order to access Maker Cube.

6.1.2 – All members are required to book their time at the facility in advance through the member portal (see 8.4 Use of Facilities for additional details).

6.1.3 – All entry and exit must be through a fob activated door.

6.1.4 – Members MUST tap their fob when entering or exiting the building.

6.1.5 – If your fob is missing, lost, or stolen, notify Maker Cube staff immediately and it will be deactivated.

6.1.6 – Do not mark, label or tamper with your fob or keys.

6.1.7 – Do not let anyone into the building with your fob, regardless if you know them, with guests as exceptions. See Section 6.3 – Guests policies.

6.1.8 – Do not provide or share your fob with any other person to access Maker cube. Violations will result in immediate fob access suspension.

6.1.9 – Use of any non-fob activated door, including the designated Loading door and bay doors, is prohibited unless explicit permission and assistance is given by staff. Unauthorized use of non-fobbed doors will result in a fine on the first offence and may result in termination of membership on the second offence. See Section 3.4 Additional Fees.

6.2 Closing Procedures  #

Regardless of the time of day, if you are accessing Maker Cube outside of regular business hours, you MUST follow all close down procedures before leaving.  

6.2.1 – Do a walk through the facility to confirm that no one else is in the facility.

6.2.2 – If no other members, staff or volunteers are in the facility, ensure that:

  • All lights are off
  • All heaters are off
  • All doors are locked
  • All fans and extractors are off

6.2.3 – Never assume that these tasks have been completed by anyone else leaving prior to you. 

6.2.4 – Set the alarm before exiting by holding down the Away button on the alarm panel.

6.2.5 – Failure to set the alarm as the last person to leave will result in a fine on the first offence and termination of membership on the second offence. See Section 3.4 Additional Fees.

6.2.6 – Lock the front gate even if other businesses are still here, the gate must be locked between these times:

  • 9:30 PM – 7:00 AM Monday-Friday
  • 6:00 PM – 7:00 AM Saturday & Sunday
  • All hours on holidays 

6.2.7 – Do not leave the gate closed with the lock in a semi-latched state (closed but not latched).

6.2.8 – Members with extended access may also receive a Gate key to unlock the padlock on the main front gate of the property.

6.2.9 – Gate locks must always be latched shut, even while the gate is open. Lock it back onto the pin or another portion of the gate to prevent theft of the lock.

6.3 Guests #

6.3.1 – Guests are only permitted during regular business hours.

6.3.2 – Guests must sign in and sign a liability waiver at the front counter before they can access the Facilities.

6.3.3 – Guests must be accompanied at all times.

6.3.4 – Guests cannot use equipment, shared areas or interfere with other members.

6.3.5 – The Company reserves the right to refuse access to any non-member guests without notice or explanation.

6.3.6 – Members must have their guest complete a liability waiver upon arrival.

6.3.7 – Members are responsible for having their guest follow all policies and procedures while at Maker Cube.

6.3.8 – Members are allowed to bring no more than two (2) guests per month, either two separate guests or one guest twice. After that, said guest requires membership in order to access the facility.