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Router Speed Settings

Set-up #

NEVER exceed 20,000 RPM on the router tables. This can prematurely damage the router due to excess vibrations.

When setting speed, 18,000 RPM is the golden zone for most hardwoods. On the left router table and on the CNC router, set the dial underneath to about 3 1/2 and adjust accordingly

Bits over 1″ in diameter do require lower speeds. Check in with a staff before using bits larger than 1″.

Speed troubleshooting #

If the router is grabbing onto your material, the speed is set too slow. If the router is shattering your material instead of cutting into it, the speed is too fast.

These routers are equipped with a Constant Response Circuitry to adjust power to maintain the desired RPM for consistent performance and control

Troubleshooting #

If the router is hard too control, heats up, and runs very slowly, or leaves an imperfect cut, it may be due to one of the following causes.

  • Wrong direction of feed
  • Feeding too fast
  • Dull bit
  • Cut is too large for one pass
  • feeding too slow

If you feed smoothly and steadily, you will have the most control and produce the best results